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Are you among those who love to stay near the nature? People love to have green space around them, especially when they are relaxing at home. But apartments and flat styled houses in the metropolitan cities does provide the house owners a luxury to have a garden in the backyard or front of the house. But you don’t get disappointed as the terrace garden is a solution for you where you can create a natural space in the house where you can get fresh air to berate and natural green color which is soothing for the eyes.
Terrace, garden brings life to a dull home and you can make it your hobby for an evening hours when you want to spend quality time with your favorite plants and trees.
There are two types of terrace garden–
Where the garden is made up on the roof of the building where you have limited gardening space available to you.
The Second type is terrace beds which build on the series against a hillside. It is usually done on a steep land or you can get it done by your architecture while building your house. Such gardens are easy to manage due to sufficient availability of air, water and sunlight which essentials for plant life.
What You Can Do?
You can grow fresh herbs or vegetable in the terrace garden which requires less maintenance in comparison to others.
You can create a mixture of two and create a recreational area for the entire family to spend time together. 
You can create a shed in the center of the garden and enjoy reading your favorite book with a cup of coffee in the rain.
You need to research well in advance, while designing, or creating the terrace garden space. The roof should be strong enough to hold the weight of the plants.
Choose shrubs and plants with smaller roots so that they will not cause any damage to the building construction after growing fully.
You can create the terrace garden in the balconies or in small open areas if you do not have availability of terrace.
It is advised to discuss with the designer or architecture if you are planning for a roof terrace garden. The experienced professionals will provide you the solution for any future seepage problem. House owners understand the benefits of the terrace garden that is the reason it is gaining popularity and people are ready to spend huge amount of money t design and decorate the garden in a unique and stylish way.
LivingGifts an online portal which offers unique and beautiful type of plants and trees which can be easily planted in the terrace garden. The plants can be a unique item, thus you can Gift A Plant to your loved ones who are fond of plants or those who are planning to design a terrace garden.
It can be a gift which can be gifted for any occasion such as birthdays, karwachauth, Diwali, Corporate gifts and many more. You can visit the website of LivingGifts to get an idea about the range of plants and trees offered by them. It offers same day delivery of the ordered plants. You can Buy plants online while sitting at home without check local nurseries in the nearby area. It is a website which offers great ideas for green gifting. It is a unique online plant nursery store which offers you great quality of plants or trees best suited for your garden area.
The website started a unique and innovative idea to choose gifts which are best suited for our environmental conditions and those who are planting lover will definitely love to have unique plants in their garden. You can place an order through online method with easy payment secured option along with it.
You can choose the plants as per the season if you are planning to plant shrubs or seasonal plants in your terrace garden. You can buy shrubs for flower plants and for vegetables, choose lemon, brinjal, tomatoes, ladyfinger and many more types of vegetable plants which only require patience to get the results. Gather ideas from other blog articles to decorate and design your terrace garden in a unique way so that it becomes the soul of your house.

Auth :Benjamin Williams
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