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Rakhi told that her case is in the cybercrime department. Rakhi has also accused Adil of domestic violence including unnatural sex and cheating. Tell that Rakhi has filed a case against Adil. The police are investigating the matter The case is in the cybercrime department Rakhi Sawant's married life is once again in the news. This time the ruckus has increased a bit more. In the past, Rakhi had made several allegations against Adil including infidelity. Now in a conversation with ETimes, Rakhi said, Adil has taken my nude videos and sold them to people. My case is in the cyber crime department. Now he wants to marry Tanu for the third time. Do not want Adil to get bail Rakhi also told the media that Adil tortured her and cheated her and she does not want Adil to get bail. Rakhi had earlier told that Adil physically tortured her badly. He tortured for 7 months, right? When he was out of tolerance, he had to come in public. Rakhi told in a video how Adil had beaten her in the bathroom by holding her mouth. Rakhi's ex-husband with her Rakhi Sawant's ex-husband Ritesh is also doing live on this matter on Instagram for many days. He told that Rakhi is not lying. She had told him about Adil by calling him 3 months back. Ritesh said that whatever happens, he is with Rakhi. Ritesh also hinted that Adil has done a very heinous act, which he cannot even tell.

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