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If you also have old coins and bills, then you can also become a millionaire by selling them. The value of old coins and bills also depends on their expertise. Serial numbers of linen, purses and notes also have a lot of importance.


, Many kids like to store old coins and bills and some keep them in a piggy bank. In such a situation, you can earn good money by selling old notes and coins online. There are a large number of people all over the world who collect old notes and coins.

If the number 786 is printed on the old 50 rupee note or the new note, then you can sell it for thousands of rupees. A bill of fifty makes you a millionaire. For example, the old 5 rupee note had 5 Ghazals. If you also have Rs 50 banknote with number 786, then you can load it immediately. This Rs 50 note has so far been sold for Rs 3 lakh. People who believe in religion and destiny are soon attracted towards it.


You can also create your own collection of old coins and bills. A bill and a coin do not cost much. Many people donate pearl money for old notes and coins. An expensive Rs 5 note was also sold to the farmer driving the tractor as the number 786 was written on it.

Register on the home page and login to load your coins. The image of the coin and note should be very clear. Here you will register as a “Seller”. Upload the clear image of the note on the site. If you find the right customers, eBay will definitely add you to their list of people interested in you.



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