Flipkart On Rebranding Route

  • Riya Gangwar
  • 2018-03-20
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BENGALURU: Flipkart is in the process of repositioning its brand as India’s largest online retailer looks to capture the next 100 million customers, a majority of which would come from tier-II and III towns. 


The company will continue to drive more usage among the existing 100 million users, who are present in metros and tier-I markets. 
The new brand called ‘Naye India ke Saath’, will focus on rolling out several ‘progressive India’ initiatives to create a more ‘relatable Indian brand’, as Flipkart will dial up on adding more affordability instruments which currently contributes 15% of the overall gross merchandise volume (GMV). 
We will come up with several solutions in the next 6-18 months to address the new wave of 100 million customers,said Shoumyan Biswas, VP of marketing at Flipkart. For example, only 35 million people have credit cards, so we want to create credit options for the remaining population that doesn’t have credit cards.
Experts, however, cautioned that forming a ‘relatable Indian brand’ is neither the monopoly of an Indian company anymore, nor is it a cutting-edge USP. Flipkart is trying to capitalise on being an Indian brand and is coming out with these Indiacentric innovations, but I sense similar innovations coming from Amazon and soon from Alibaba,said Harish Bijoor, CEO at Harish Bijoor Consults. These competencies are not unique any more because the world catches up really fast.

Auth :Riya Gangwar
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