Digit product available on Cleartrip

  • Riya Gangwar
  • 2018-02-26
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Fintech startup Digit Insurance has announced a new partnership with travel company Cleartrip, to offer a new travel insurance product for the Indian market.


Customers will be able to opt into buying Digit travel insurance when purchasing other travel services from Cleartrip. Digit asserts that travel insurance in India has been ‘hit and miss until now’, and that its policy will make travel insurance simple for customers.
The main feature of the product is that Digit will cover flight delays starting from 75 minutes and up. When a customer’s flight is delayed, Digit will send affected customers a text with the option to make a claim. All the customer will need to do, Digit says, is send it a picture of their boarding pass.
The product also features personal accident cover for accidental death and disability, cover for emergency accidental treatment, and cover for trip cancellation due to personal emergency.
It is refreshing to work with a partner who uses data to analyse trends and create the most useful travel product that's out in the market,” said Cleartrip’s Chief Product Officer Subramanya Sharma. “The approach goes one step further by enabling a seamless claims process that makes the customer claim journey frictionless. For the first time, Cleartrip and Digit offer a travel insurance product that offers meaningful coverage, and the claim ratio stands testament to the customer benefits.

Auth :Riya Gangwar
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