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Bonsai plants and trees are grown in containers and they look prettier than grown in wild. The art is derived from ancient Chinese horticulture practice. Growing bonsai are considered as an important part of Japanese culture and artistic tradition. Many people started growing bonsai , just as a part of the hobby.
All sorts of trees and shrubs can be grown as bonsai and some popular varieties include pine, maples, cherry, plum and fruit bearing trees. The trees grow three feet and you must allow the tree to express its individuality freely. The shallow container used to grow these trees are mostly fired earthenware crafted by professionals in China and Japan.
Bonsai related to Feng Shui
Growing bonsai is not only gardening, it has therapeutic value and enables patience and fortitude. The Chinese believe people who take care of miniature trees for a long time, eternity will be granted for their soul. They believe the tree is connected between holy and human, heaven and earth. If you are looking to bring good fortune to your house, business and office, you must prefer buying bonsai trees through online to be placed indoors. There are a variety of decorative plants available with good Feng Shui and the plants are easy to care for. You can buy feng shui plants online from Living Gifts.
The lucky bamboo plants are symbolic of good luck and success due to their strength and ability to grow quickly. The bamboo plants can balance the five elements of Feng Shui  such as fire, earth, water, metal, wood and metal. The five elements are represented by plants, glass vase, rock, water and red ribbon. Jade Bonsai is known as Asian money tree and they are frequently grown in Asian homes. Based on Feng Shui, you have to place them in the entryway or the southwest corner of the room to strengthen energy and the flow of money. Neembu Bonsai is considered symbol of good health, prosperity, longevity and wealth. Place them in the entry way for the positive flow of money.
Feng Shui rules to be followed
As a rule, when choosing such plant, choose flowering plant with round smooth edge leaves which are clustered in auspicious number. Avoid placing, spiky and thorny plants in front of your house. When arranging bonsai plants, keep them in pair to keep the balance of yin and yang within your home. Consider how many plants you will be able to manage because you must keep them healthy and clean for the positive flow of chi.
Buy bonsai plants online
Living gift is the largest online plant nursery that can offer you a variety of choices such as flowering plants, bonsai plants, Feng Shui plants and others to gift your dear ones on a special occasion or festival. Living Gifts provides a large collection of bonsai plant which can be delivered all over India, even if you order from an International location.
Some bonsai tree range available through Living Gifts are Adenium Obesium, bud bonsai, Jade bonsai, neembu bonsai, pachira plant and papal bonsai plant. A nature lover would love bonsai tree and gift anyone at anytime thus they can buy bonsai plants from living gifts.

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