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    Skill4Win is an Indian online gaming company providing gamers a platform to play multiplayer skill games for cash. Players can also practise games for free. Skill4Win has popular pocket billiards games 9 balls and 15 balls real pool, Match 3 puzzle games, Match 2 Memory games, Archery shooting games. Skill4win.comís mission is to provide a secure online environment and maintain a thriving online community where players from all over India are engaged in healthy skill-based competitions. At Skill4Win we believe that these games help people to grow in their life too as these games provide exercises to memory muscles and help in making better logical choices, strategic thinking, analyse and predict different possible outcomes which help in making better decisions. These games also help to develop patience and perseverance helping users to master their mental and creative prowess. The cash element adds more fun, competitiveness and rewards users to sharpen their skills. img_1513850525.jpg